Hi! I'm Dani, I'm 30, and I'm from all over the place (Luxembourg, Canterbury, now living near London). I married the love of my life, Jon, in August 2015, and discovered a hitherto unknown passion for weddings in the process (you can read my wedding report here and here.)

We welcomed our baby boy Harry in June 2017, and since then things have gone a bit tumbleweed over here. I'm much better at documenting my motherhood journey over on my instagram, but I'm hoping to get more posts written and published on the blog too.

Among my other loves are literature (which I studied at university), makeup (from which the blog was born), parentheses (apparently) and photography! I'm also partial to a nice cup of coffee, visiting the seaside, learning new things and spreadsheets - yes, really...

All photos on the blog belong to me unless stated otherwise. I've always enjoyed taking snaps, from my very first Polaroid camera in the 90s, to the original Sony Ericsson camera phone, all the way to my much-loved Canon 750d nowadays. My blog photos are either taken on my DSLR using a prime lens (50mm, 40mm or more recently the wonderful 28mm f1.8) or on a Sony a5000 & iPhone SE for on-the-go images! Over the last couple of years I've been working hard on improving my photography and am loving it more and more each day. My favourite images to capture are natural, joyful moments between people, although I also have a penchant for taking photos of my family's pets!

-the blog-
This blog came to life in 2010, originally as a spot to post my thoughts on my favourite budget beauty products whilst at university. It has since evolved into more of a personal/lifestyle blog, as an outlet for my thoughts, or simply a platform to post some of my favourite photos.

Makeup is still a passion of mine and I enjoy posting honest reviews of my most loved products - you can find my archive of reviews in the review directory here!

Occasionally I'll get all dressed up for an outfit shoot - my style varies from comfy to sassy to eternal student. I'm on the short and curvy side, so if you're after any inspiration (and I use that term very loosely) head here.

I'll also post quarterly round-ups of books I've read, in an effort to document the things I read. You can find these here!

Otherwise, you'll find travel posts, a lot of Instagram love, and the odd personal essay/ramble of mine. Enjoy!

-enquiries (PR or otherwise)-
If there's anything you'd like to ask me, just drop me a line! I'm always available on Twitter (@danidunnexo) or just email me on dani.dunne@outlook.com.