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  1. I couldn't decide on just one, so I'm going to cheat a little and recommend two. They're both by the same author though, so it's sort of following the rules.

    The first book is Long Lost by Harlan Coben, and the second is called Tell No One. He writes crime fiction, but he captivates you right from the very first page. There are so many mysteries but his characters are quite humourous too, you honestly won't want to put them down! Let me know what you think if you do get around to reading them. He's my favourite author at the moment!

    Email is smilethroughadversity@hotmail.co.uk xx

  2. Yay yay yay 100 readers congratulations!!!

    I'm finding it really hard to think of my FAVOURITE book at the moment - I have so many that I love (to be honest, as sad it sounds, it's probably Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...) but a couple I would definitely recommend are One Day by David Nicholls and The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. Oh, and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. They're all definitely worth a read :)


  3. LOL! thank u for this giveaway ^^

    my fav. book is chinese cinderella, it's good, but tearful ^^


  4. Eeee lovely giveaway Dani!
    My favourite book changes every time I read a book haha! I love the Eragon series because they're easy to read and I love Dragons. I also love the Georgia Nicolson Series. AANND right now I'm reading the Memory Keeper's Daughter which is also very good :)

    oh and here's a little something for the pigeons: shabszaheer@gmail.com

  5. I can't enter but I still want to give you some book recommendations! Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan, it is cute. Forget by Ruth Gilligan, very sweet. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith which is so whimsy and a good read. Oh, maybe you could have a book review post every now and again to let all of us readers see what you thought! Just a suggestion. Have a fab day, Dani. :)

  6. Ooh, congratulations! What a fab giveaway - I've wanted a clock pendant for approx. forever! So I'd love to be entered please :)

    My email is: dlw1210(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk - & now onto a book recommendation.. I won't be disqualified if I break the rules & give you more than one..?

    Right: 'The Time Traveler's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger. Amazing book (& hugely better than the film, so if you've seen that don't be swayed by it!)

    Also, an absolute favourite of mine - 'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian. Yes, it's a children's book. But it's also one of the best books I've ever read - promise. I recommend it to everyone!

    Ok, I'll leave you with those two for now :)


  7. that necklace is so pretty, my email is x.char_ms.x@hotmail.co.uk and i already follow you!
    As for my favorite book thats a more difficult question; can i cheat instead and list a few that i really really like? I have a weakness for the shopaholic series and anything by jodi picoult but flowers in the attic, wasted, girl interupted and the rites of spring also top my list :) x

  8. Heyyy Dani!! My email is amyvictoriageorge@hotmail.co.uk ^^

    My favourite ever book of all time is 'The Green Mile', by Stephen King; It's a bit of a beast, but is to this day the most moving, touching and inspirational story i've ever read :) I am a bit of a stephen king fan-girl though!!

    This is such an awesome idea!! hope you find a favourite book amongst all of ours!!! xxx

  9. Hello! I'm happy without more jewellery in my life but I couldn't miss out on plugging my favourite bit of comfort reading - 'The Beekeeper's Apprentice' by Laurie R King. Sherlock Holmes. 1914. Feisty young female bookworm. It's utterly indulgent. Enjoy xxx

  10. Hallo! Ok, you know most of my recommendations as you have read them too, but there is one you do not know mwhahahahahaha (and not going to be unoriginal and say HP). So my recommendation is... 'Death and the Penguin' by Andrey Kurkov. It is a black comedy which is great in itself along with having a thriller theme, but what I loved most about this book was the relationship between the protaganist and his pet penguin Misha (which is what I now nickname Mia :P)
    One more, the play by Nikolai Gogol called 'The Government Inspector' is also very funny and a great satire.
    The email is: the_sane_lunatic@hotmail.com

    Hope you love it too if you decide to read it :) xxx <3

  11. p.s. Loving some of the recommendations you have already got! And getting some ideas for my Waterstones dream list :)

  12. Dani you must read The Hunger Games, it's a trilogy and i'm currently reading the third one. Love it! I just lent it to Geo too :) I think it's going to be made into a film soon! xx

  13. I love Blackberry Wine by joanne Harris, am reading it atm and really enjoying it :) My email is frills.spills[at]gmail.com :)

    Maria xxx

  14. My book recommendation is the one I have just finished reading! Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. I adore her books, I love the fact they always cover a controversial subject and they really make you think. This book was heart breaking at times. Such a good read!

    Email is sophie.warner89@yahoo.co.uk



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