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  1. Wow, your dress is absolutely gorgeous, you look amazing xxx

  2. Wow! That maxi dress looks gorgeous on you and your skin is glowing in these pics. Graduation obviously suits you.

    Office wear sounds tricky. I long for the day I have a reason to dress smartly but I can see that it will probably be rife with problems too! I can't really offer much in the way of advice as I'm not particularly busty {and when I have been while breastfeeding I was useless at dressing my ample bosom!}. I would probably stick to dresses. Dorothy Perkins has loads of pretty 50s style ones in at the moment that aren't too expensive. They might look nice with some smart mary-janes and a little cardi.

    Good luck with the new job, whatever you decide to wear!

    Loveaudrey xxx

  3. You look beautiful! I always shop the Next sale or M&S sale for workwear, tescos is surprisingly good too :)

    Maria xxx

  4. You look gorgeous! You all do!
    (just discovered your blog - following now) :) x

  5. That is such a beautiful dress! goodluck with the job it took me awhile to adjust to working too.


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