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  1. I love the jeans, I spotted a pair similar in newlook a while back that I'm hoping will still be there come my birthday!

  2. me gusta this post :)
    and the fact that I was holding the pics hostage hihihi

  3. I love the coloured jeans! I just treated myself to a pair from Primark today. Had to go up a size though :( I am telling myself Primark sizes are not normal haha!

  4. First of all, dan your skin looks flawless in that last picture! Is that the mac foundation? If it is, might head in that foundation direction when i get paid.
    Secondly I want your time turner! ha
    Thirdly Nat i'm sure i was born to have your eye colour! they're such a pretty colour :)

  5. Aw thank you girlies! I'm so tempted to buy these jeans in ALL the colours, they're all amazing! Also Geo I was actually wearing your foundation of choice, Doublewear Light, with MAC concealer! xxx

  6. Love that blue top with the bow, and those coloured jeans are such a nice colour, I want to get some! x


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