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  1. You look lovely Dani! I've finally fallen back in love with jeans, and tend to wear them with fitted-but-not-too-fitted tops that hit on the thigh. Am yet to try Topshop's Leigh jeans, but Primark's are surprisingly good as are River Island's! xx

  2. The last time that I wore a pair of jeans I was 17! To be honest, I'm a bit scared of them and feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts and I am forever jel of girls who can pull them off effortlessly! These are a really good fit on you and I love the colour - you look lovely :)

  3. I tend to steer well clear of jeans, I just feel they emphasise eveyrthing I hate about my body! You look lovely in them though!

  4. I hate jeans aswell, but I do wear them mainly for school. But they're so uncomfortable !
    They are lovely and actually suit you so don't worry x
    All of my jeans after a while tend to fall down or become loose, no matter how much I spend on them !
    And lucky you ! Managing to snag those topshop jeans for just 7 !

  5. aww cute! glad I'm no longer there to experience your crazy jeans shopping! ;) xxx


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