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  1. I loved the Olympics and Paralympics and I'm absolutely gutted that they're over. You're so lucky! I only got to attend one event but I really enjoyed myself. Going to do a post on my experience too :) xx

  2. Very inspirational post!

    This summer has been very awesome but I have to admit that I probably wouldn't have been so invested in the Games, if they hadn't been in London. But right on from the first opening ceremony it became obvious that we'd be in for a magical treat, so I stuck around to watch.

    It was amazing walking in London between the events - you could feel how proud the Londoners were!

  3. Inspiring words! Don't let your determination fade and I am sure you will get there! Your new place must surely be an inspiration too, so let that brighten your mood and go crazy on the decoration until it is truly a home =)


Thank you so much! xx