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  1. Bubby dan iwas so cuteeee...and geeky *cough* ;)

    I love watching old videos of us and looking at the old pics, although most of my comments are 'Aww __ was so cute! What happened?' mostly aboutme :P
    and btw it wasn't YOU that was trendy, it was MUM :P

  2. Sigh this post really made me want to hunt down all the old pictures in my house and scan them, if only they weren't all the way back in Luxembourg T___T
    On the fourth picture from top you look like Jo ;) Family resemblance =)
    Pictures of my dad as a boy look almost 100 per cent like my brother at that age, its hilarious but also a bit creepy, i thought cloning came later..and also mainly on sheep right?


Thank you so much! xx