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  1. I think it's done a great job for only a fiver!

    I haven't tried any high street concealers because I can never find my shade so I'm sticking to Mac for now xx

  2. A good recommendation from me, you know, the ghost that lives in the room in the hallway... Rimmel London Match perfect concealer. It's £5.99 and lasts quite a long time, I bought mine a good month or two ago and am still using it! Plus the thickness blends well into the skin and completely covers the shadows. xxx

  3. Have you tried the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer? It's a really good product and covers my under eye circles really well, blends well too and lasts all day. I think it costs about £4, bargain!

    Also for a creamier concealer the Barbara Daly for Tesco one has really good coverage too! Think that's only about £4 too.


  4. Completely sympathise! My dark shadows refuse to leave me no matter how much sleep I get/water I drink/any other useless tip that people who DON'T SUFFER WITH THEM suggest

    And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I've tried just about every brand on the market from the cheapest to the not so cheapest and the only one that has come a tiny bit close to concealing them is Touche Eclat, however much I wish a cheap brand will do the same job I just don't think it's possible...YSL must use magic or something?

    But Dani!! My housemate (also a sufferer) found a website where you can get it for £17 including p&p which I have forgotten the name of but will find out for you incase you too decide it's worth the pennies x

  5. I've found something similar to the brush here in the states, but probably not of as good a quality.

  6. we have same problems! I have worse dark circles under my left eye..even I have taken enough rest :o
    Mac does a great job but they r a little pricey :(


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