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  1. those jeans are amazing! im like you and never wear jeans but if i were to get a pair they would be exactly like that! xx

  2. I absolutely love those jeans on you, they're lovely! xo

  3. Those jeans look lovely on you! Such a bargain for £9! I struggle with jeans so much I have just given up!

  4. Love the jacket and love the arm waving! xx

  5. That top photo makes you look like something out of a magazine! Jealoouuusss... :)

  6. Wow, those jeans look incredible! I am like you, I NEVER wear jeans but if I looked that good, I may reconsider! I love your hair too, wish I could carry off a fringe :)

    Maria xxx

    P.S. The word verification for this post was twins! :P

  7. Those jeans are awesome- and i'm especially jealous as I was one of the fools to buy the ts ones!! Doh!

    Also, definitely try those scones - the perfect exam antedote!

  8. @Ella: Ah thank you! Just have to slim down a bit so they're comfier! xx

    @Jennie: thank yoooou :) xx

    @Sophie: I gave up too but these may have converted me again...only for lazy fashion days though, methinks! xx

    @Sarah: haha perhaps I should make the arm waving my 'thing'? Like Zoolander's Blue Steel... xx

    @Martha: aww thank you! Although having watched the Model Agency last week I just don't understand how people can look like a model or not, it's confusing! xx

    @Maria: thank you so much :D :D haha I love when the word verification actually makes sense, had one earlier that said 'pronoun'! xx

    @Danni: The TS ones are BEAUTIFUL though, I keep scouring ebay for some even though I have these and am basically broke! They're so soft, softer than these! xx


Thank you so much! xx