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  1. I love the colour of that top too. The lip colour is gorgeous!
    Well done on the no foundation! Only 19 more days to go haha!

  2. god i wish i cld go with out foundation for even a day.. but my skin aint good enough :( love the lippy! xo

  3. gorgeous outfit and love your make up!! you look so so pretty!


  4. Love love love the skirt! I'm a big fan of high waisted skirts but I'm a bit scared of high waisted jeans! And I agree, Topshop jeans are lovely but I can never justify spending so much on them!

    That lip colour is so pretty on you - good idea to focus more on lips/cheeks while you're going foundation-free! I've not noticed much of a change in my skin yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Only 17 more days to go! xxx

  5. Love the sleeves on your tunic, all the pieces work together really well x

  6. I love any sort of "What's in my bag/make up bag" post because I'm nosey!

    I'm not too sure whether they have any high waisted jeans but have you tried H&M or New Look? xx

  7. You look gorgeous! Love the colour together and the shape of the skirt is gorgeous! I would love to have a rummage through your wardrobe, maybe Ebay the clothes and make yorself a bit of money?? I wish my skin looked this good without foundation- absolutely lovely :)

    Maria xxx


Thank you so much! xx