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  1. Good luck with you No Foundation February! I am doing Frugal Feb, and in March 31 for 31 haha! Gotta challenge yourself at least once a month I say!

    Kitty x

  2. I never wear foundation because I find it makes my skin look and feel completely awful! I just wear concealer. Maybe it might clear up your skin?
    I love the snood, it looks so cosy!

  3. Oh you pretty thing! Love the colour of the snood - it really suits you!

    I really want to give up foundation too, I never used to wear any at all but now I wear it daily. I'm sure my skin would appreciate being left foundation-free... hmmm maybe I'll join you in this challenge... I'm scared though! xxx

  4. @Kitty - thank you!Wow you're doing well, I can't face the idea of more than one challenge! Good luck to you too xx

    @Sophie - I kind of wish I'd never started wearing foundation! My skintone is really uneven though so I feel a bit naked without it, but oh well! The snood is gorgeous, I love snoods now, everyone must go buy snoods (the word is awesome too. Snoooood) xx

    @Franki - go for it! We can document our progress together, and give each other support during these tough foundation-less times! Start a support group...ok maybe not, but you get the idea! xx


Thank you so much! xx