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  1. I didnt realise you lived in Luxembourg?
    Love the colour of the lipsttick, I am dying to own some MAC but I just cannot justify the price at the moment. The lipsticks all look so pretty! You got some lovely goodies!

  2. You look so pretty in that snap! I'm loving the lipstick, I'm getting really keen on heavier liptinting at the moment so it's right up my street.
    Glad you had such a great haul! M xx

  3. New make-up is SO exciting. The colour of that blush looks so gorgeous, but I have trouble finding blushers that suit my skin tone. Looks like it'd be nice on you, though!

    x x Michelle

  4. awww such lovely presents! the lipstick is such a lovely colour xx

  5. Gorgeous lipstick! I have MAC's "Fusion Pink" which is similar in shade ;)

  6. These are such lovely presents :) I love the lipstick colour and you look gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  7. Oooh you got some fab stuff! I love the Topshop cream blushes, I use mine religiously! I use Flush, which is a kind of pink/coral/peachy colour, but I've heard lots about Neon Rose so will have to give it a try too.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

  8. ooo lovely products! I'm such a sucker for beauty products, I could easily spend a lotta money in boots

  9. love the lipstick! looks lovely!

    Danniella @


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