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  1. I get more and more envious everytime I see this skirt! It was such a bargain! Love the nail varnish, I could spend a fortune on Barry M!

  2. Ooh another fabulous bow top! Lovely!

    I LOVE Barry M Pink Flamingo, it's one of my faves, definitely a good one for Summer :)

    RE your comment on my last post - can't believe ASOS have done that, it's so ridiculous and exactly the kind of thing I was talking about - stop ignoring emails! Grrr! Hope you manage to sell the dress for lots of money! xxx

  3. You look lovely :) I hope you manage to get your essays finished soon!

    Maria xxx

  4. You look so cute, I love that skirt you're wearing. The print is adorable and I have a new love for yellow! xo


  5. lovely lovely outfit! hope the essays are going well - power through!! xx

  6. love this outfit! your make up is flawless! love the lippy :) x


Thank you so much! xx