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  1. Those dresses are beautiful! It must be so exciting planning out your wedding :D Would love to see pictures of dress etc after the big day :D

    Maria xxx

  2. Ooooh when are you getting married? My dates is August next year and i really want to start buying/planning things but don't know if it's too soon yet. Although I did rush out straight away and put a deposit down on a venue : /


  3. Everything's so pretty! I love that style of wedding dress too, they're so elegant. (and I didn't know that it was called a 'portrait collar' - you learn something new every day!)
    The suitcase table plan is adorable - what a brilliant idea!

    One of my best friends got married in 2009 and I was a bridesmaid; it was such a wonderful day, I didn't want it to end and it wasn't even my wedding lol! I can't imagine how excited you must be!!! xxxx


Thank you so much! xx