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  1. Glad you had a fab evening too! I was soo tempted to go for the sequin body con too but I opted instead for a 90's coat! I think cranberry tights will look gorgeous with this! You got some fab photo's wish I had taken more! I've just spied myself in your top photo, I'm in the middle in a leopard print shirt haha!
    Can't wait for more events to come was great to meet soo many bloggers!
    Tilly M x

  2. Was a really good evening. Wish I had got to meet you but was kinda star struck with so many lovely bloggers ;)

    Tilly, I too got the 90s coat :) can't wait till it comes.


  3. Ah looks like such a fun event! And they had candy floss - AMAZING!
    You'll have to post your pics when your dress arrives, I'm sure you'll look lovely in it. Good idea to get a sparkly one; it'll be perfect for Christmas parties! xxx

  4. i couldn't make the event :( looks like you had a fab time!



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