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  1. Lovely outfit and your nan sounds amazing! My nan would be the sort to take things of mannequins haha she is mental!
    I might have to hunt down the skirt!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday Dani!

  2. Love this outfit, very autumnal. I might see if I can pick up that skirt from H&M. It's hard to find nice skirts, they're either too short or too long! I'm not a hat person but I like them on other people xx

  3. keyword in this post:
    nana nana nana nana nana nana nana
    is very cute :) i like the top and I myself have never been keen on pleated skirts but looks pretty on you
    and i heard you had a say in what mum bought me, would that be because you would at some point be interested in borrowing it? I know you, dani. *narrows eyes*

  4. You look beautiful, I love hats, more people should wear them!

    Maria xxx


Thank you so much! xx