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  1. Ahh! You're so organised and laid back! I'm stressing out and we've barely started. I feel like we won't have our budget or savings high enough to do it all. Sometimes I feel like just jetting off and doing it abroad >.<
    All the best in the rest of your planning :)


  2. Haha I like to think it's because I've been waiting so long - it will have been 5 years since getting engaged when we finally tie the knot! Was honestly considering elopement before we booked our venue... Our biggest splurge is the food so I was a bit concerned about cost, but my dad is helping us out with it now so we can afford some yummy treats. Otherwise it's been a mishmash of DIY, ebay, and lots of bargain hunting! I also negotiated a better price on our invites so may write a budget tips post when we are a bit closer to the day :) Hope all goes well with you, if you keep spreadsheets and stuff it honestly helps with budgeting! xx

  3. I love reading this Dani, chatting to other brides to be keeps me sane :) I think it's great you're keeping your cool, no one wants a bride who's kicking up a fuss for no reason! I've been surprisingly stress free as well, no drama so far! My fiance is super chilled so that helps keeps me calm :) I've also had a spreadsheet from day 1, which really helps me stay organise and I make sure I put things in my diary so I don't forget to pay vendors or search for decor etc!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  4. Oh Hanh I've got spreadsheets galore! And a folder with important documents haha! I think it helps that Jon and I aren't too fussed if things go wrong - any obstacles are just good practice for the marriage ahead ;) xx

  5. I'm with you Dani, not really stressed at all (except about breakfast obvs!), I've just really enjoyed it all and James has been so involved it's made it easy.
    Four weeks to go, perhaps stress should be kicking in!


  6. I'm not stressed. People are stressing me out about the fact that I'm not stressed... What will be will be!


Thank you so much! xx