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  1. i havent really seen much if the golden globe outfits but im not much of a fan of lea in general. i heard shes turned into a bit of a diva and i hate how shes lost so much weight! xx

  2. I know, she's got ever so skinny :( I love her style though, have serious hair envy at the moment! xx

  3. Supposedly, Lea is a lot like her character on Glee - very ambitious. You never know how much of this stuff is true and how much is rumour though...
    I think she looks lovely, the pink really suits her.
    I had a quick scout through a few pics from the Golden Globes last night but I didn't really see any AMAZING dresses. Will have to have another look as I want to do a blog post about it - I love a bit of red carpet glamour! xxx


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