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  1. Im intriged at what special item you have brought!

  2. I have also recently bought a Garnier Belle Color hair dye but the packaging is not the same as yours. Yours look wayyy better! I also thought it looked cheap just because of the packaging z=

  3. Oh no! Rubbish that you're not well! Hope you're feeling better soon! At times like this, when everybody's catching colds/flu, I swear by effervescent vitamin C tablets lol, I take one every day in half a glass of water and I haven't been ill for months! They're yummy too!

    So jealous that you got the By Terry concealer! Do you follow pixiwoo on youtube? They've been using the By Terry products loads lately, I really want some but £28 for one product is WAY out of my price range at the moment. Wish we had Sephora in the UK! x

  4. Some great things there! im afraid im currently in your flu club too :(


  5. i hope you are feeling better! cant wait to see your h&m sale bits. how does the pricing match up with home and back in the uk? xx

  6. @Sophie: ahaha well I am putting the post together as we speak! xx

    @Gaby: yes I've noticed differences in the packaging too, it's different here than in the UK as well but the product is just as good! xx

    @Franki: Haha I'd never thought of taking the effervescent tablets all the time, I usually only take them when I'm actually ill but maybe that's where I'm going wrong! Yes I saw Touche Veloutee on Pixiwoo too (actually, after buying it I rewatched some of their videos for application tips) and it's been on some other blogs, it's well worth it! I do think Sephora sometimes mess up on their sale stuff, I'm pretty sure this wasn't meant to be in their sale because it wasn't on sale in any other branch...oh well, their loss! xx

    @away with the fairies: aww, I feel your pain! Hope you feel better soon! xx

    @Ella: I'm feeling less flu-ey now, thank goodness :D I actually think it works out cheaper over here for H&M sale stuff but normal stock is cheaper in the UK (?!) I don't understand! Hope to see you on campus next week xx


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