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  1. You look AMAZING with a red lip and I'm so glad you love Dragon as much as I do. What fabulous man for braving the Chanel counter too!! Thanks for the mention honey.


  2. a red lip really really suits you! i never really wear much make up so the only thing i wear is a bit of moisturing lip balm. however, when i go out i do put a bit of lippie on and love how it looks! i may have to be a bit more experimental this year:) xx

  3. I love Chanel too and also like you my student wage only lets me look at the counters longingly. Ive been lusting after one of their red lipsticks for ages!
    Ive heard so many things about MeMeMe make up but cant seem to find it anyway. Do you know where stocks it? Ive heard its similar to benefit which is another brand I cannot afford!
    Red lippie really suits you!

  4. @loveaudrey - no no, thank YOU for showing me the loveliness that is Dragon, it is truly beautiful! xx
    @Ella - aw thank you! I love how lipstick can just completely change your look, so would definitely recommend experimentation! xx
    @Sophie - next on my Chanel wishlist is Mat Lumiere foundation, everytime I swatch it I fall in love a little more...as for MeMeMe, Superdrug stocks it, and they also have a website: http://www.mememecosmetics.co.uk/
    enjoy! xx

  5. The chanel lipstick looks lovely on you. Have you tried lipcote? pretty cheap and makes your lipstick stay on :)
    I love mac lipsticks, I find them quite creamy and they don't dry up. My orange YSL lipstick is ther best ever, the pigment is great so you get a great bright colour but I don't wear it much. I feel a bit silly wearing orange to work x

  6. this is such a cute post, i'm still one of those people nervous of lippie but maybe this can help inspire me to go for it in 2011! x

  7. lol i'm still the same as you used to be, I tried to be crazy and daring and got a fuscia coloured models own lip balm, but i can't even wear that!


  8. I love bright lipstick and used to wear it all the time but in winter I tend to go for a more natural look. As soon as it gets a bit warmer though, I am breaking out the lippie again! I like Barry M lipstick and Rimmel ones are pretty pigmented and not too drying :)

    Maria xxx


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