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  1. Oh no I bet you was gutted! I know what you mean that if you know something is there its always going to be on your mind. Even if other peopl dont notice it!
    I had a bit of a drooling session over the Chanel counter in selfridges yesterday. Ive decided that im going to have a little splurge when I get my first proper wage packet!

  2. ahh i would have cried - really! maybe sell it on ebay if you can't wait that long? or there is TSUK on livejournal, bet they'd snap it up for a reasonable price. anyway, just thought i'd say hello because i've just found your blog and i love it. your header image is riciulously cute, too. lots of love,


  3. Oh no! I've got a similar problem with my MAC foundation. It was an exact match when I bought it but after months of one illness after another during the winter months to say i'm a little pale would be putting it lightly! I look like I have a big orange face when I wear it and have to put a very pale powder over the top:z
    Other than this being too dark for you at the moment it sounds like a good coverage.
    Love your blog. xxx

  4. @Sophie: I was gutted! Tried wearing it for a night out last night though and in the dark it doesn't look too horrifically dark on my skin so maybe it can be my going-out foundation for the time being! xx

    @Elle: aww thank you! Just looking at your blog now, I really like the first post on bloggers and beauty! xx

    @Victoria: I feel your pain! I might pick up a paler powder than usual and see how that works! And thank you for the compliment:) xx


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