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  1. lovely outfit miss! i must admit since seeing you in those legging shorts on campus i have be scouring the interwebz and all over trying to find a pair, but i have failed miserably so far! hope you have a great 2011 xxxx

  2. Lovely outfit! I love the hat! I have a kitten woolly hat brought in the kids section at Next. My boyfriend gets very embaressed when I wear it haha!

  3. My boyfriend is the opposite, he bought me a fluffy cat hat which I really like but I still feel embarrassed wearing it anywhere people can see me xD The panda hat totally rocks though. I didn't really decide on any resolutions..although the things I ve been trying to motivate myself to do are regular jogging (still manage to put it off by being unable to find proper trainers in japan..) getting a grip on my Japanese and spending more time doing art. Sigh it really is time for more doing and less wanting ;)
    Good luck on your resolutions, may the force be with you!


Thank you so much! xx