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  1. I would recommend Eau de that stuff that naty used to buy so she could repel the mosquitos and bugs!

    lol kidding I know you hated that shit, dans :) just make yourself feel better by being reminded of the fact that I still have harry potter, barbie and bratz perfumes on my shelf( although the bratz one smells nice like watermelons)
    and i thought you liked the DKNY Be Delicious didn't you?

  2. Of course it's the marketing that brings attention to any (new) perfume but more often than not I don't like the way it smells. You're doing the right thing, you just have to try them all out on your skin - just don't make any spontaneous purchases, I've made mistakes that way! I used to stick to one Dior perfume because I wanted a signature scent. Now I have several and pick one according to my mood.

  3. My favourite perfume at the moment is BOSS summer. Its floral and fruity and is summery, so even if it doesn't feel like summer, I smell like it. ha :)

  4. @Nat: No I am NOT buying that awful stuff you got years ago! I'm tempted by DKNY again though but then there are so many other scents out there, why stick to the ones I know?

    @Cafe Bellini: Yep I like switching them around too! I like the idea of having a signature fragrance, but I get bored very quickly!

    @Caitlin: I shall have to give that one a try, there's nothing better than smelling like summer :)


  5. Just go in a shop that's got perfumes, and spritz a bit of it on a piece of paper. I currently love some So ? perfumes. They're cheap, smell lasts for ages. But if you're looking for a bit of a classy scent and amazing packaging, check out
    YSL - Elle
    Chloe' - Chloe
    Dior - Cherie'

    I love all 3 of them, and the best thing is that they can be used for both night and day =]


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