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  1. Hi Dani, we've never met but I went to Canterbury with Jon :) Stumbled across your blogs the other week and have been really enjoying both - I am pretty useless with make-up but you are def inspiring me! I am pretty much obsessed with salivating over Urban Decay Half Baked in Boots, for example...
    Anyway, I'm not a member of any of the 'follow' thingies but I wanted you to know you had another, lurking, reader out there! Keep going :)
    Martha x

  2. Hi Martha! It's nice to "meet" you, Jon's told me lots about you :) I'm really glad you enjoy my blog, I'm not exactly an expert with make-up though, it must be said! I just enjoy buying it and playing around with it :) and yes, Half Baked is gorgeous, I think Urban Decay are evil for creating such lovely colours and pricing them so highly *sigh* thank you so much for reading my ramblings! xxx


Thank you so much! xx