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  1. oh sweets!
    thank you so much for mentioning me!
    i dont think you have entered my giveaway but please do
    actually scratch that ill just give you two entries anyway for mentioning me on your blog:)
    thanks again xxx
    oh and p.s. you study in canterbury! where, which uni, what do you study! i do too:)

  2. Oh thank you :) but your blog deserves to be recommended! Yes I was going to enter your giveaway, then got distracted looking on your site, then got distracted by something else...I have the attention span of a butterfly...yes I study at Kent Uni and I adooooore Canterbury :) I do English and American Literature! How about you? xx

  3. just following up this comment
    yay a kent uni student!
    i wonder if we will bump into eachother on campus, hope so:)xxx

  4. Oo sorry I've only just seen this! Yes I hope we do bump into each other, would be nice :) so don't be afraid if some random messy-haired girl runs up to you squealing (I am quite excitable at times) xx


Thank you so much! xx